Samer El Sayary is an assistant professor of Architecture, researcher, and award-winning architect with a special passion for Outer space architecture.
Graduated in 2001 top of his class and through the years he gained over 35 awards and prize till the year 2020 from prestigious institutes like the 1st Prize Mars City foundation (Los Angeles, 2017) for Mars tree life, Jacques Rougerie Foundation (Paris 2018 & 2020) for Lunar Village and 2016 for project deep space Noah's Ark, Kuala Lumpur International Architectural Festival (Kuala Lumpur,2019) for designing Mars Colony ….to name few, His work in exhibited in several countries including NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston (USA) 2018, France 2016 &2020, Greece 2015, Tunis 2011, Egypt 2011 & 2013 during the prestigious sustainability "Hassan Fathy award" which he was awarded twice in 2011 and in 2013, Malaysia 2019 and several other countries.
His work also has been featured in the Discovery channel UK, Dutch TV, California Dreamers, Wired magazine 2017, Up- magazine and L’arca magazine, Architecture d'aujordhui,,,, among many others.
He served as Mars City Design ambassador for 3 years (2017-2020) and Junior ambassador for Jacques Rougerie Foundation since 2019 after either winning or shortlisted for 6 consecutive years in space architecture competitions.
He is an experimental architect who participated and taught in numerous workshops in 13 different countries. He continuously explores the relationship between qualities of the past and endeavors of the future trying to find a meeting ground between the two realms using cutting-edge technology. The main outlines of his architectural school could be summarized in three main principles; 1. Digging deep in the knowledge and science accumulated through thousands of years to capture hidden values and intangible strengths of legacy. 2. Rethinking those values using cutting-edge technologies to create a state of art architecture that carries the spirit of the past, not in its shape or form, but in its core experience. 3. Documenting those experiments through publishing them in architectural competitions and scientific papers to deliver them to future generations to help them continue their legacy. 


1-Farsi Award of Architecture,1998.
2-Medina magazine, Furniture Design Competition, 2000 (First Prize).
3-Medina magazine, Smart Village Competition, 2001 (First Prize).
4-American University of Sharjah (Arch.& Sustainability),2001 (Honorable Prize).
5-Tasmeem magazine, Mobile Library Unit, 2002 (Second Prize).
6-Ain Shams University Future Architecture 2100, 2005 (Honorable prize).
7-Al Benaa Al Araby magazine,Enhancing Urban Life, 2006 (Second Prize).
8-Urban Enhancement Center, Egypts Facade, 2007 (First Prize).
9-Gold World Council with Hammer group, Golden Jewelry,2008 (Honorable Mention).
10-Magaz magazine, Future Schools,2009 (Honorable Prize).
11-Arcbazar, Newyork Clinic Design, 2011 ( Honorable Prize).
12-Fablab, Fanoos Ramadan Design, 2012 (Honorable Prize).
13-Hassan Fathy Award, Bayt Al Suhaimy 2011, 2012 (Silver Award).
14-Medibat scientific forum, Self Sufficient Islamic House 2013 (First prize).
15-Arcbazar Sedona, Arizona Self sufficient house, 2013 (Honorable prize).
16-Architecture Revolution Space station, 2013 (Honorable Mention)
17-Hassan Fathy Silver award, 2013 for interior design.
18-Eco-House design competition, by Arab academy of science and technology 2014, (First Prize).
19-Top Egyptian Architects award by Egypt Building Show 2015 (Selected as one of the best Egyptian Architectural practices).
20-Selected to be showcased in Marseille, France in Medcop21 2015 Conference, (Agence des Ville et Territoires Méditerranéens Durables (AViTeM)) June 2015.
21. Hope and work Olympics competition, Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers 2015, (Third prize).
22.Jacques Rougerie Fondation Competition 2015 space architecture, (Short Listed Finalist).
23.‘Accordion Shelter’ Sheltering Humanity: Emergency-hosting proposals for people in the Mediterranean Sea, MOHA Research Center and ‘Sheltering Humanity’ (special mention).
24.Jacques Rougerie Fondation Competition 2016 space architecture, 2016, Coup de Couer Award.
25.Mars City Design Foundation 2017 (1st prize energy category)
26.Honored and awarded among 100 best architects in Egypt in the last 100 year by the Society of Egyptian Architects.
27.Jacques Rougerie Fondation Competition 2017 space architecture (Shortlisted Finalist).
28.Jacques Rougerie Fondation Competition 2018 space architecture, (Lunar Village) Focus award.
29.First Mars Colony space architecture in KualaLumpur Architectural Festival 2019 (KLAF), Third Prize.
30.Sustainable Houses through Enneagram Competition in St. Catherine, Cairo 2019, Bayet Al Mimar Al Masry, (First Prize winner)
31.Jacques Rougerie Fondation Competition 2019 space architecture, (Shortlisted Finalist).
32. Abdullatif Al Fozan Award for Mosque Accessories 2020 winner.
33.Mars Society 2020 convention poster contest (First prize winner)
34.Jacques Rougerie Fondation Competition 2020 space architecture, (Lunar Village) Focus award.
35. TAtchers' ART Management for Digital art of Space art exhibiting artist.
36. Moon society competition 2021, special mention for lunar habitat design


Virtual Design and Digital Fabrication Experience
1. Experience in aspects of digital fabrication and design in the context of the built environment. 
2. The ability to conceive effective and creative pedagogies and deliver those in the context of the architectural design studio and relevant taught postgraduate programs.
3. Teaching the aspects of digital fabrication techniques in both theoretical and practical areas of investigation with a specialist focus in areas such as parametric design, design of virtual
environments, manufacturing and mass customisation, digital modelling and animation, interactive
design, digital games, working with big data, representation and visualisation, sensory design,
digital narratives, digital theories and culture.
4.Investigating through research the relationships between digital and craft production, or digital fabrication cultures.
5.Supervising research through academic publications and/or exhibition and publication of design work. 
6.Postgraduate teaching in digital design, media, and fabrication.
7. key responsibility in the planning and co-ordination of a digital design pathway through design studio curriculum





LEBANON PHONE: +961 71524198

EGYPT PHONE:       +2 01001679386



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