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Recycled pallets, or skids, are becoming the basis for a whole new genre of architecture. And for good reason: they are sustainable, recycled, and make use of discarded packaging. which would be environmental as well as good looking. and for this they came up with the inspiration for a wooden facade made of discarded wooden pallets.

Wooden pallets are like LEGOs - We can build practically anything out of them. Over the years we've seen some amazing structures created with these recycled materials - from emergency housing to swanky pads, sweet interiors, temporary theaters and even gardens. We can find shipping pallets in every part of Lebanon in standard sizes, and they can usually be picked up for free or at most for a few dollars apiece. They can be built with only basic tools in about a day and can be upgraded over time with insulation and other materials for more permanent structures. The screen helps the bus stop naturally cool by allowing air to move around the structure

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