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As it is deep-rooted in mankind legacy, the most complicated solutions could be solved by the most simple solutions to many of world’s scientists and philosophers though as Karl Marx, Darwin and Sigmund Freud.
As our first life steps on Mars, we need such an approach to start building a new mankind civilization by using technology to invent a new lifestyle blending our legacy with our technology to be the base for the future generations on Mars to start living there without ignoring the roots.
Our proposal is a two-person motor self-balancing bike powered by solar cells covering its outer skin.
Inspired by the early bikes that were invented during the 1820es till the 1850es, but developed with new contemporary technologies, Accordingly, the following features were studied to be the new aspects of our Marcycle:
1.As indicated before, it is a self-balancing bike depending on the gyroscopic feature.
2.The outer skin is a faceted designed skin inspired by origami art, Also the outer skin is a self-expanding lightweight polymer to decrease the payload during transporting it to Mars.
3.The bike is solar powered by photovoltaic cells covering its outer black skin.
4.The wide tires providing extra traction and cushioning.

Marcycle is a motor powered Jyrobike that is built around the idea that it becomes inherently more stable even when it is not traveling at higher speeds due to a fast spinning disc that is placed inside the body of the bike, the resulting gyroscopic force automatically balances the bike. It simulates high-speed stability whilst traveling at very slow speeds, which is exactly when a rider needs the most assistance.
The Marcycle is invented with a unique Control Hub built into the main wheel that is able to generate a stabilizing force that resists the force of gravity. The Control Hub is powered by the solar photovoltaic cells covering the whole bike skin, rechargeable, motor-driven invention that intelligently drives a spinning flywheel at high RPMs. When turned on it acts like a gyroscope or gyro and provides a stabilizing force, working just as gyros do to keep helicopters stable in the air, boats stable at sea and spaceships stable in orbit
Special Acknowledgment to my Assistant and partner Lara Mansour, whom without her efforts that project wouldn't be presented in this professional way.

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