We live in the same place that people used to live for 5000 years ago. Our goal is to stretch our legacy to the next 5000 years for the future generations. The accumulation of experience done by our ancestors and their hidden sciences and culture is very important for us not to waste and re-explore using our latest cutting-edge technologies.

Samer El Sayary is an academic educator, scholar, and a practicing architect, He finished his master studies and Ph.D. exploring the interface between Cyber-Space perception, mental cognition, and real space.

Samer also is an award-winning architect where he had won several prizes and awards both locally and internationally in the fields of Architecture and Industrial design, starting with his first prize since he was a student 1999. These competitions had shaped the main outlines of his architectural school of thought in creating a new form of design based on local heritage using cutting edge technology.

In addition to the academic achievements and professional practice, he taught numerous workshops in 15 different countries after gaining some international training licenses from Autodesk the world first provider of Architectural technologies like digital design using 3dsMax and BIM using Revit.



Our Design Manifesto could be summarized in the three main principles:
1-We dig deep in the knowledge and science accumulated through thousands of years in our region to capture hidden values and intangible strengths of our legacy.
2-We develop those values and strengths using cutting-edge technologies to create a state or art architecture that carries the spirit of the past, not in its shape or form, but in its experience.
3-We learn future generation how to use technology to develop their Heritage.