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The Concept is based on 3 approaches: modularity, ease of packing and using biodegradable materials. The Designed unit is light weight, durable and cheap to be mass produced due to the primary calculations.

The accordion unit is designed to be adaptable to fit in all circumstances and to be re-adapted with any site due to its symmetrical geometry and pattern of openings in its chassis.

The shelter is designed with its area to fit ONE person per UNIT.  The regenerative process is achieved by using biodegradable materials enable them to decompose inland to act as fertilizers, every unit is used after its lifecycle to plant a tree, The tree will use remains of ink-free paper to grow and create new cellulose



  • The Shelter Unit Chasis

Biodegradable plastic chassis can be plant- or oil-based. The plant-based variety is known as bioplastics that are sustainable as well as biodegradable.

They are capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms due to their potentially hydrolysable ester bonds.


  • The Main Shelter Unit Skin

The Accordion paper cover of the shelter is a super-hydrophobic coated paper which repels water using Precipitated calcium carbonate to resist rainwater and stay dry to collect rainwater and the technique is achieved by totally organic materials

  • The Roof

Composed of 0.5 mm translucent super-hydrophobic surface to enable natural light to lit the inner space with indirect light and prevent glare.

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