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During the 1950'S, Benjamine Bloom led a team of educational psychologists in the analysis of academic learning behaviors. The results of this team's research produced the cognitive learning Domain. The Cognitive learning behaviors are characterized by observable and unobservable skills such as comprehending information, organizing ideas, and evaluating information and actions.


1-The main concept is to build a school with a program that is consistent with this cognitive behavior learning the theoretical model,to convert this model from just a target of the teacher with his student to five hierarchal physical spaces in the school representing the levels of learning model to consolidate this theory.

2-To achieve this concept future school needs to feel with the students and interact with them, not just a smart building that is built with artificial intelligence systems.

The new technology depends on implanting artificial neurons inside the building walls to create an artificial neural network  that can feel the students through its walls

This is expected to be achieved with the growing advancements in the Nanotechnology.


1-Wavy spaces of knowledge: to gain basic knowledge.

2-Hall of application: to practice the knowledge gained.

3-Hall of Analysis: to develop the basic knowledge to the advanced level of knowledge (experience).

4-Hall of synthesis: to gain logic of thinking and wisdom.

5-Hall of evaluation: to practice self-assessment and be sure this knowledge is useful in life.


The geometry of the plan and the volumetric design of the building is made to raise the level of sustainability with passive less expensive ways regarding the economic state of a developing country.

1-The successional walls are created from a reflective material providing glossy reflections and of a highly thermal insulation to create an ambient lit environment inside with indirect sunlight and depriving the direct sun rays of entering and this would decrease use of energy and would provide more than 80% of the building volume shaded during daylight.

2- The wavy nature of the walls is designed to be consistent with the wind patterns direction in the region to provide it with natural cooling system ( like cooling fins)

 3-The building is elevated over the ground to decrease the use of agricultural land.


To regain the glory of the past and to ensure the moral importance of education the building is intended to mimic the ancient temples of the Pharos in terms of physical shape and its philosophical genesis.

1-The scale of the building is consistent with the shocking scale of  Pharos temples.

2-The solar role and hierarchal existence in the ancient temples from the court to the hypostyle hall to the sanctuary is achieved by the succession of sun movement across the walls of the building.

3-The cosmic role of the ancient temples appears in the reflective skin of the building that is reflecting the changing environment and cosmos surrounding it.

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