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The most complicated problems could be solved by the most simple solutions, a concept that was discussed by many of key figures in science, philosophy, and art like Siegmund Freud, Karl Marx, and Darwin and still applies in today's rapidly developing environment.
With the convergence of architecture, biology, 3D printing technology and artificial intelligence, the new civilization on Mars built upon its earth legacy would use all those technologies fused in one domain to build its first martian house.
One kilogram of building material costs over 100 K$ to transfer from earth to Mars. It is more feasible to transfer a programmed robot arm with artificial intelligence to build any Martian house using the Mars regolith guided by an artificial DNA strand. This DNA code that defines the shape of the structure within a unity within diversity relationship. The common anatomy of the living house would include a house at the ground level, an open framed space with above shelter to house the trees that would feed the residents in an inflatable balloon and finally a garage at the top of the house for the flying balloons that would help the house residents to move in new Mars city.

Special Acknowledgment to my Assistant and partner Lara Mansour, whom without her efforts that project wouldn't be presented in this professional way.


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